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Sandbag Exercises To Build Strength And Challenge Your Core



Sandbag Exercises To Build Strength And Challenge Your Core

Sandbags come in a variety of weights but they all contain material that shifts around when you move the bag, which means that your body has to constantly readjust as the load shifts around. “The sand in the bag moves around, which gives an anti-rotation component to your training because your core has to work harder to stabilise the load,” says Charles Allan-Price from W10 Performance gym.

“The handles on a sandbag also give you more flexibility than using a barbell,” says Charles Allan-Price. “If you’re doing a clean and press, for example, it’s easier to get your wrists into position when you’re using a bag than it is with a bar.”

1 Clean and press

Start with the bag on the ground, then drive up through your heels and lift the bag quickly, flipping it over to catch it at chest height. Pause, then push the bag overhead.

“This is the foundation exercise of the sandbag variation, and mastering it will give you more options to do later down the track,” says Allan-Price. “It’s a full-body exercise and a great way to elevate your heart rate and burn calories while practising a hinge movement in a low-risk way. Keep the bag as close to your body as possible – don’t let it get away from you.”

2 Upright row

Grip the bag by the central handle – or, for a real test of grip strength, by the fabric. Pull upwards, bringing your elbows up to the sides. To safeguard your shoulder joints, don’t jolt. Lower the bag under control.

“What I like about doing this with a sandbag is that it is more versatile than the barbell,” says Allan-Price. “It’s a great exercise for the traps and biceps and can be performed by people of all levels of ability –and you can take the sandbag anywhere. While performing the upright row, keep your elbows higher than your hands to optimise biceps and trap engagement.”

3 Zercher lunge

A favourite with wrestlers. Grip the bag underneath with your hands clasped together, then lunge forwards, alternating legs. You’ll test your core, legs and biceps.

“Single-leg movements often relate most to sports and day-to-day life,” says Allan-Price. “Holding the bag in front while engaging the glutes and hamstrings makes it a tough workout on the core. Keep your elbows high (ideally level with your shoulders), to create a ‘shelf’ for the bag to sit on. This will help keep a strong spine throughout the movement. There are a lot of further options available with the Zercher lunge such as walking lunges, reverse lunges, split squats and jump lunges.”

4 Floor press

Lie on the floor with the bag on your chest, and your triceps resting on the ground – this protects your shoulders more than traditional bench pressing. Push the bag overhead, pause, then lower under control.

“One of the most simple and effective exercises, especially if you struggle doing press-ups, this variation is a great way to strengthen the triceps and pecs muscles used for press-ups,” says Allan-Price. “One common mistakes people make during the floor press is allowing their elbows to flare out – keep your elbows at about a 45° angle as if you were pushing someone in front of you. That way you get the most out of the triceps and pecs.”

5 Turkish get-up

This is expert level. Lie on the floor, holding the bag overhead by a handle, then get up on one side, keeping your weight on the opposite forearm. Bag too heavy? Hold it on your shoulder, not in your hand.

“The biggest bang-for-buck exercise of all the sandbag variations, the sandbag Turkish get-up is a great alternative to the conventional Turkish kettlebell or dumbbell get-up because it allows people with limited shoulder mobility to perform the exercises with intensity,” says Allan-Price. “What I like about this exercise is it requires people to think about and co-ordinate their movements: the get-up from the floor to the windmill to the lunge.”

Super Sandbag Circuits

“I like using sandbags to create circuits,” says Allan-Price. “You could do 40 seconds of clean and press, Zercher lunge and upright row, then rest and repeat. If you want to do strength sets, try using a 30kg bag and supersetting a deadlift with a Turkish get-up.”

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Tess Holliday Slams Victoria’s Secret




Our society is slowly but surely having more productive conversations about inclusivity. But unfortunately, Victoria’s Secret seems to have not received the memo yet. In fact, an executive from the company recently made some insensitive comments about transgender and curve models, and people are having none of it.

In an interview with Vogue, Ed Razek, chief marketing officer of L Brands, which owns Victoria’s Secret, said: “Shouldn’t you have transsexuals in the show? No. No, I don’t think we should. Well, why not? Because the show is a fantasy. It’s a 42-minute entertainment special… We attempted to do a television special for plus-sizes [in 2000]. No one had any interest in it, still don’t.”

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Sorry mister, those comments simply aren’t going to fly with those of us who proudly embrace diversity. Tess Holliday is in this powerful group, and she spoke out in support of the curve and transgender communities.

“Who needs VS anyway?! They never supported plus ladies & now they are trying to dis my trans sisters? Hell nah,” Holliday wrote in a recent Instagram post.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Holliday went deeper on the issue. “As much as I want VS, who’s the biggest lingerie retailer, to embrace plus size and more diverse body types, it’s also important to give your time, focus, and money to brands who are actually doing what you want to see.”

She has a point. While it’s important to let brands know if they’re doing something you don’t like, it’s even more important to tell the ones who do share your values just how much you appreciate them. It’s those brands that should get our money and attention, which is why Holliday wore Asos lingerie in her post, she wrote.

Hopefully, the more we buy from and talk up brands that showcase diversity, the sooner others will catch on. 

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36-Year-Old Texas Woman Is on Life Support After Going to Mexico for Plastic Surgery




A 36-year-old Texas woman is fighting for her life after she reportedly suffered severe brain damage from anesthesia being put in the wrong place in her spine ahead of a rhinoplasty and breast implant replacement procedure at a clinic in Mexico last month, according to the woman’s sister, Angie Avila.

Laura Avila, of Dallas, Texas, went in for the procedure at the Rino Center in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on October 30, according to her family’s GoFundMe page. Laura’s fiancé, Eric Cruz, accompanied her to the medical center for the operation.

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Ahead of the procedure, Laura allegedly “suffered cardiac arrest for four minutes. She was then placed into a medically-induced coma to prevent further damage to her brain that was caused by the complications she experienced during anesthesia,” the family wrote.

Angie told CBS News that doctors at the Mexican hospital where her sister was transferred, told them the Rino Center put the anesthesia in the wrong place in Laura’s spine, her brain swelled, her kidneys failed and she went into cardiac arrest.

The clinic in Mexico has not responded to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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After she was brought out of the coma on November 3, Laura had to be placed on life support due to severe brain damage. She has since been transferred to a hospital in El Paso, Texas, reports Fox San Antonio.

On Tuesday, the family wrote another update on GoFundMe saying that “the hospital in El Paso has done everything they can to help Laura.”

“They have given us two options: to let her go in peace or have her physically here. If she were to improve, it is possible she could only regain minimal functioning skills,” they wrote. “As a family, we decided it is too soon to make such an impossible decision. We have been working relentlessly to transfer her to a hospital in Dallas to get a second opinion.”

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CBS News reports that their news correspondent “Anna Werner spoke to a prosecutor in Mexico who is now handling an investigation into the Rino Center where Laura was treated. No formal charges have been filed yet, but the clinic has been raided.”

Laura’s sister, Angie, also wrote on Facebook alleging that the clinic did not provide Laura’s medical records to the Mexican government, so “as a result, they were raided by Fiscalía Saturday night. The documents are under review.”

Desperate for a second opinion on her dire condition, the family wants Laura transferred to the Parkland Medical hospital in Dallas, but according to Angie’s Facebook post, as of Tuesday afternoon, they have “denied her a second time, despite the fact that it is a public hospital and she is a Dallas resident who pays taxes.”

When the hospital was reached for comment, they said they needed permission from the family to respond.

“By law we need a signed consent from the legal next of kin,” media supervisor Catherine Bradley wrote in an email to PEOPLE.

Dr. Dennis Orgill, the medical director of Brigham and Women’s Hospital Wound Care Center in Boston, told The Chicago Tribune that people are motivated to leave the country for medical procedures because of the cost and in some cases because of cultural issues.

“There are many websites that advertise for these procedures,” he said. “And the initial costs for these procedures in developing countries is substantially less.”

He added: “Some surgeons in these countries are excellent, but sometimes it is hard for patients to tell the difference by looking on the internet. And it’s that inability to properly vet international services, providers and regulations that ultimately gives rise to “a large public health issue.”

Laura’s family has refrained from speaking out further about the incident, “not because we don’t want to, but because we’re investing every second of the day fighting for her,” they wrote.

“I know Laura is so loved and has touched many lives, so again, I thank you for checking to see how she’s doing. I promise we are doing what we can to ensure we’ve exhausted all her options, make sure her legal case proceeds, and to keep all her loved ones informed,” they continued.

There will be a candlelight vigil for Laura on Wednesday evening at the San Jacinto Plaza in El Paso, Texas.

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Inspiring Instagram Page Shows Half-Naked Women




As you scroll past photo after photo of seemingly flawless bodies every day, it can feel like Instagram is setting you up to be critical of yourself. But what if we told you about one page that’s changing that—one place where you can find inspiration from real people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds? Cue @theeverybodybeautystandard, your one-stop shop for body-positivity.

People from all walks of life submit their self-love stories to @theeverybodybeautystandard along with photos of their bodies. Their mission? To redefine the meaning of beauty and encourage body-positivity “one story at a time.” They’re also sharing their stories to let others know they’re not alone on their own journeys.

One of them is @iamzainabmohammed, who uses a prosthetic foot on her left leg.

“I have struggled with every kind of positivity I can think of, from body-positivity to mental positivity, ever since I realized I was different from everyone,” she wrote. “I will no longer battle with my real self (who I am) and my ideal self (who I want to be). Instead, I will find balance—I will accept myself and grow every day, because that is all I can do.”

Like this one, many of the stories on @theeverybodybeautystandard tell of a person who struggles with self-acceptance but is also determined to celebrate their beauty. 

Another story comes from @baranikki. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve been thinking, ‘When I lose weight, I’ll be happy,’ ‘When I lose weight, someone will finally want me,’ ‘When I lose weight, I’ll finally be accepted,’” she wrote. “So here I am, finally starting to not always think ‘when…’ and instead live in the now and love all of me.”

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This is a problem a lot of us run into. We get caught up thinking everything would be easier if we looked a certain way, but our looks aren’t responsible for our happiness—our mindset is.

That’s the idea @memoirofkiki talks about in her post: “I made the executive decision to love myself. I promise you, there are times when that isn’t easy—but then I look at myself and realize how beautiful and extraordinary I am, even if some other people don’t believe so.”

She went on to say she refuses to let society have power over her body. “We all have a natural need to want to belong, but if my body doesn’t belong, I don’t want to conform,” she wrote.

She’s right. We all want to fit in, but we have to be aware of when our trying to fit in is actually forcing ourselves to sacrifice a part of who we are. That’s what @theeverybodybeautystandard is all about—making people feel like they belong no matter what they look like.

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